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When your computer system goes down, your business is dead in the water. Smart business owners know that the best time to deal with computer problems is before they happen by putting a comprehensive maintenance and service plan in place with a trusted technology partner. And you can have no better partner than Clever Technology Solutions.

We are locally owned and operated, but backed by the global networks of Computer Troubleshooters, ACRBO, and iCracked so we can provide high quality service at a competitive price. Dozens of top local businesses put their trust in Clever Tech Solutions to maintain their servers, networks, phone systems, and more.

Proactive Service Plans:
With our cutting-edge Silver, Gold, and Platinum service plans we can provide 24/7 technology monitoring, data backup, service discounts, and guaranteed response times at a level to suit any businesses’ budget.

VoIP: Internet Phone Service
Every small business needs an affordable, professional communications solution. Today’s IP-based telephony systems are light years ahead of older proprietary phone systems, and make it easy to add features that were once available only on the most expensive phone solutions. IP Telephony systems can start under $1000 depending on the features desired.

Mobility Solutions: PDA’s & Smartphones:
Information on demand in today’s workplace is critical. We provide end to end management for your workforce PDA’s and Smartphones including iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones so your workplace is productive and secure.

Backup & Disaster Recovery:
It’s something no business owner wants to think about: What would happen if tomorrow all your data were gone? All your client records, emails, documents, accounting files, artwork, and HR files gone? History tells us that almost half (43%) of business who suffer catastrophic data loss will never reopen, and even more will be out of business within a year. Small businesses are among the most vulnerable because too-often they lack full-time IT support, which means backups may not be running, or may not be backing up all critical files.

Cloud Computing:
As a partner with Microsoft, Google, and Rackspace your Clever Tech Solutions consultant can recommend and implement the cloud solutions that are best for your specific needs. We also offer training and support for building intranets, SharePoint sites, online databases, and more. To find out if a cloud computing solution will work best for your business, call us for a free consultation.

Hardware and Software Support:
We troubleshoot and repair any hardware that’s currently not working properly, providing quality replacements if needed. But we don’t stop there – your Clever Tech consultant can also help to diagnose why your application software isn’t working properly, and recommend ways to improve the reliability of all your technology for a more efficient office.

Internet and Email Setup and Assistance:
Modern office environments rely on increasingly complex arrangements of email, internet, remote data access and mobile solutions. We’re up on all the latest gadgets and innovations. More importantly, we have the expertise to combine all these new functionality into a seamless work environment, whether your employees are working in the office or in the field.

Virus Protection and Internet Security:
With all the viruses out there, not to mention the scammers and spammers trying to gain access to your private data through spyware, adware, malware, and other necessities you need the kind of bullet-proof virus protection and internet security tools that we specialize in providing to our clients. And if you’ve been infected, we can scrub your system clean and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Networked computing is at the core of almost all business operations. Each of your employees needs to be in constant contact with each other and all your vital documents, to ensure that they can collaborate on projects in the most productive and efficient manner. Computer Troubleshooters are the networking experts and can help make sure your system operates at peak performance.

Website Development:
Does your business need a website? We offer professional, affordable website design solutions, starting as low as $300, as well as hosting and updates to your website. We take the guesswork, and the legwork, out of creating and maintaining your business web presence.

The most expensive and sophisticated technology available is literally useless to your business if your employees don’t know how to use it. We provide clear, focused training on all hardware and software, so that you can be sure your company is using all its technology tools as productively as possible.

Independent Advice and Consulting:
Purchasing new computing equipment can be a minefield for business owners. You want to get hardware and software that will actually serve the needs you have, but you also need to be as cost conscious as possible. And who has time to do the necessary research when you have a business to run. Our clients trust us for honest, unbiased advice.

If you’re ready to trust us with the lifeblood of your business, contact us today. Keeping your business in business is what we do best.