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Microsoft Excel

This is our most requested training course! This is your path to first learning, then mastering.


Over 60 million people use WordPress to power their place on the web, learn how you can too.


What’s new in Quickbooks 2014? Learn to organize your business finances all in one place.

Adobe Photoshop

Learn to create incredible images and photo editing using the world’s best digital imaging software.

Microsoft Office

Learn about powerful tools and smart features that will help you tackle your work more efficiently.

Microsoft Word

The authoritative course for Microsoft Word 2010. Delivered in searchable, informative content modules.


  Get the skills and confidence to use Lync’s communication, collaboration, and sharing features


Learn the “swiss army knife” of business productivity from a top SharePoint author.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Giving A Presentation? If You Want To Avoid Boring Your Audience To Tears, This Course Is A Must!

Microsoft Outlook

This course teaches how to make the leap from being a mere user to being an Outlook master.

Windows 8

This course is for people new to windows 8. Learn about system navigation, functionality. and more.


This set of Intro courses cover the important elements of HIPAA and the later HITECH Act.

Time Management

Improve the way you use time. This course will help you learn to get stuff done.

Sales and Marketing

Ideal for any business that wants to leverage more results for their marketing investment.


Power your Gmail account. Get the maximum benefit from all the free tools Gmail has to offer.

Remember there is no commitment, you can cancel your subscription anytime.
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