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Small Bytes: Technology Disasters, 2012 Forecast, Mobile Shopping & the Best Toys!

Small Business Technology News – Highlights from around the globe
At Computer Troubleshooters, we’ve once again braved the information-overload of the internet to find current trends, important alerts or general hints and tips from other sources. Here’s the best technology information of the month, relevant to small businesses.

Enjoy the articles in bite-sized pieces and click on the Read More links to see the full stories.

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Tech Disasters
Websites getting hacked, servers crashing and data disappearing are just some of the disasters these small business owners had to endure.

Whether it’s a half-baked software program or a server outage, technological glitches can wipe out a small business’s revenues and cost thousands in recovery efforts.

Don’t expect customers to be forgiving either. “Customers just don’t seem to have the patience for a [crashed website],” said Tom Gegax, founder of Gegax Advisors, a small business consultancy. “Especially in the case of a small business, customers tend to think, `Wait a minute, I thought you guys were supposed to offer personal service.'”

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Warning: Gloomy 2012 Forecast for Internet Security
The security war in cyberspace is just gearing up.

According to a recent study from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) entitled Georgia Tech Emerging Cyber Threats Report for 2012, there will be a raging battlefield on the Internet.

Bo Rotoloni, director of GTRI’s Cyber Technology and Information Security Laboratory (CTISL), knows these 2012 security dangers are real, not imagined.

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40% of Mobile Holiday Shoppers are Frustrated
What’s a small business to do?

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and holiday shoppers have become “Mobile Multi-Taskers,” utilizing their smartphones to shop while they, well, shop. Internet conversations reveal many shoppers making mobile purchases while waiting in line for in-store deals, and that’s key for small businesses to understand in order to make the mobile experience a good one for mobile holiday shoppers.

“It’s not a big or small company thing,” said Geoff Galat, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Tealeaf. “It’s a web thing.”

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TechCrunch Gift Guide 2011: Best Toys
Toys for the kids, with a high tech twist.

If you’re an aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, godmother, godfather, foster parent, or just plain old Mommy or Daddy, you might have some kids on your holiday shopping list. These are some interesting toys that I’ve come across this year and all have a certain high-tech edge that adults and kids alike can enjoy.

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