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Cybersecurity Workshop – Meet Your Hackers!

We were honored to be asked by Charter Business and the Anderson Chamber to present a workshop on Cybersecurity.  If you missed the live event, here’s a recording:

One of the things we found is that most people are surprised to learn that the hackers and virus writers who create so many of the problems on our computers are doing it for the money.  LOTS of money, in some cases.  We profiled several hackers making millions of dollars and living lives of luxury thanks to the infections they planted on your computer and mine.


  • Keep your virus protection and security patches up to date, always
  • If you have Windows XP, Office 2003, or Server 2003, even the best anti-virus is not going to be able to protect you since those products no longer get security updates. We recommend not using them at all for anything internet-related.
  • For maximum protection make sure you have a good off-site backup, and consider DNS filtering for extra protection

Thanks to our friends at Charter Business and the Anderson Chamber for asking us to present!

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