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You Can’t Afford To Miss This – The Office Of The Future

Free Seminar: “The Office Of The Future”

Microsoft, Google, Apple, and others are literally spending billions of dollars every year designing your future office.  Would you like to take a peek?

Join Chip Reaves, co-owner of Computer Troubleshooters of Anderson and an IT Industry guru, as he takes a look at what we all can expect in the not-too-distant future.

Bad News: The way we use email, documents, and even our computers themselves, may be very different.

Good News: It will be easier, more reliable, and cheaper than what we us today. And some parts of the “Future” are available now!

Please mark your calendars, and invite your friends and business associates for this very special free event:REGISTER HERE November 20, 11am-12pm

The recording of our “Office Of The Future” webinar is now available here: