Clever Technology

Laptop Screen Repair

So far so good – Computer Troubleshooters of Anderson is officially three months old now and y’all have really been great to us so far.

Much to my surprise our most popular service is Notebook Screen Repair.  We’re getting at least four or five laptops every week with broken screens, no display, weird lines, etc.  Today one client brought in two identical Acer Notebooks for his daughters – one had been stepped on, the other was dropped.  The one that got stepped on needs a replacement LCD screen, so we’ll have that for him early next week for under $100.  The notebook that got dropped has some other issues, including a broken DC jack, so it’ll take a little longer so we can verify everything’s working.

We also finished another iPhone repair this week – the client brought it in with a smashed screen on Tuesday, and we had it good-as-new by Thursday!

I mention all this because we had one of our good customers stop by the service center yesterday and say “I’ve got a laptop with a broken screen, I don’t suppose that’s worth fixing, is it?”.  Most of the time – yes!  Most of our laptop screen repairs have been $100 or less, unless we can’t get a good deal on the replacement parts.

So whatever your need is: cracked screens, broken LCD, crashed hard drive, won’t power up, sat on it, dropped it, threw it out a window… bring it on!  The gurus in our E. Greenville St service center will make it good as new.