Clever Technology


Over the last few weeks we’ve released two videos on our Facebook page about the important decision all Windows XP users have to make before April 8, 2014. (See the videos here and here).

Since then many of you have asked us how we can help you move off of Windows XP – and we’ve been working on a plan.  Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

First, it should be noted that there is no easy way to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 (or 8).  You can purchase a full retail version for between $130 and $165 online, and this will install on most computers that are running Windows XP. The upgrade process will keep your data but remove your programs, since programs have to be reinstalled into Windows 7.  Also since Windows XP came out in 2001, many computers using it are old and may not meet the requirements to run Windows 7.

CT-Anderson has taken steps to become approved by Microsoft as a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.  This gives us the ability to purchase used computers, repair them or upgrade them, install Windows 7, and resell them.  We are one of only 14 official Refurbishers in the entire state of South Carolina!

This means we can now offer you better deals on used, refurbished computers that meet our strict requirements and which have been upgraded (if necessary) to meet the requirements of Windows 7.

This also means that we are now able to offer a trade-in program for your old computers!  We’ll be able to take your old equipment and either recycle it or refurbish it, depending on it’s age and condition, and give you a credit to be used towards any new or used PC purchase.

Watch for more details on our trade-in program coming soon.