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Tools, Talent, Trust, and Training

We get asked a lot, “What makes you different from <the other guys>?”

The truth is that there are lots of things that make us different, but they boil down to four categories:


I used to change my own oil in my car.  I still could, but it takes me at least an hour and probably more when you factor in borrowing my neighbor’s ramps, figuring out where I left the tools, buying the right filter, cleaning up afterwards, etc.   What takes me an hour of work the guys at the quick lube place can do in 10 minutes. Why? Because they’re setup to do it – they have the tools and the supplies to get it done faster and better than I can do myself.

At Clever Techs we spend thousands of dollars every year on improving our tools.  It’s no surprise that we get customers referred to us by Verizon and Best Buy and other IT companies because they know we have cutting edge tools that can do the job when others can’t.

Investing in tools is also a way to save our customers money – if one of our techs can do a job in 30 minutes that might take 3 hours for someone else, we can charge less than our competition, do a better job for our clients, and make a good profit for ourselves.

Having the best tools to support our business customers and our walk-in clients is an important part of our philosophy.


Tools don’t work by themselves – you need some talented people to know what tools to use and to take care of our clients, and I’m proud to say that the team at Clever Techs is the best I’ve ever worked with.

Technical talent is great but what really matters is a passion for taking care of customers, to make sure that we’re doing the right thing (see “Trust” below).

Our team is up to 8 now: Nick, Jim, Kevin, Scott, Jennifer, Aaron, Sylvia, and me (Chip).  We’re not perfect, but we’re constantly improving.


You can have smart people and great tools, but in this business if you aren’t doing what’s right for your customers you won’t be in business long.

Technology is intimidating and confusing to many people, which is why the fake phone calls from “Microsoft support” fool so many people into paying strangers to do who-knows-what to their computers. Therefore earning and keeping our client’s trust is paramount.

If something isn’t worth fixing, or if there’s a better way to do what you’re trying to do, we’ll tell you.  To do our job we sometimes need access to our client’s passwords and sensitive information, and we have very strict policies controlling who within our organization can access that information.  All remote access is logged and monitored.

I listed it third but really I would rank Trust as the most important thing we do.


25 years ago when I was getting started, technology seemed to change every year.  Today it seems to change every week!  Literally – for example, we were creating a training course for Microsoft’s Office 365, and we were filming on Saturdays in February and March.  On three different Saturdays we had to redo training because of major improvements Microsoft had made in the product in between filming days.

At CT-Anderson we have an unfair advantage over every other IT company in the world when it comes to training, because we share our office space with Bigger Brains, a company that makes award-winning online training classes.

All our techs have access to over 60 Bigger Brains training courses, but we also send techs out to other training events as well.  Just a few weeks ago Scott and I spent a day at the Microsoft Atlanta office getting trained on Office 365 and related technologies, and last October I was able to spend several days at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond getting educated on their upcoming solutions.


We know you have lots of choices when it comes to a technology partner for your business or for your home.  We believe our focus on Tools, Talent, Trust, and Training makes us the best choice.


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