Clever Technology

Money for Searching?

When you need to find something on the web, do you search or do you Google?  Most of us Google – a whopping 80% of us in fact use the world’s most popular search engine when we need to find something.  And even though recent reports suggest that Google isn’t the best search engine anymore, most of us are too lazy or too set in our ways to change.

So imagine you were in charge of the second-largest search engine, and you had plenty of advertising money (thanks to parent company Microsoft) and better recent reviews than the industry leader, but still people won’t change. What can you do to motivate more folks to change?

Well, money always works.  It’s not the first time it’s been tried, even by Microsoft, but for the last 18 months Bing Rewards has been rewarding folks who choose to use the second-largest search site.  Sign up at, then every time you search on Bing you earn a point.  Redeem points for gift cards, online credits, or charitable donations.

Don’t go shopping for a new Ferrari though – 500 points will get you a $5 Starbucks gift card, so it takes a while to earn anything interesting.  But if you’re searching the internet anyway – and who isn’t?- here’s a great way to earn a little extra perk for work you’re already doing.

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