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At Computer Troubleshooters, we’ve once again braved the information-overload of the internet to find current trends, important alerts or general hints and tips from other sources. Here’s the best technology information of the month, relevant to small businesses.

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Information Overload

Why Small Businesses are Getting So Little Done with So Much

Twenty years ago, experts were predicting that computers would eventually replace many existing jobs in the workforce, as they would eliminate the need for so many workers to process reports, type memos, and travel across the country for meetings that could be handled remotely. Computers have, in fact, provided us access to information that was unimaginable twenty years ago. So why aren’t we more productive?

Skype has made it easy to have meetings without ever leaving our desk. Smart phones allow us to check our e-mail everywhere, ensuring not a second of the day is wasted. We should be getting more done in a day than our 1900s counterparts, yet we aren’t. Experts believe the reason for that is information overload.

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5 Ways to Work Faster in Microsoft Outlook

Improving Productivity in your Emails.

Email is vital to your day-to-day work, but it can also be a sink hole into which precious time simply disappears. Anything you can do to manage your incoming and outgoing emails more quickly will free up time to other tasks. Here are five ways to improve email management in Microsoft Outlook.

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Three Ways to Extend the Battery of Smartphones and Tablets

Here are three tips for keeping your business smartphones and tablets charged through the work day – and beyond

In today’s 24/7 business environment, a dead battery is no longer an excuse for missed phone calls, texts and emails. That makes keeping mobile devices charged on the go a constant challenge

But from effective power management to a growing number of portable power devices, there are numerous ways entrepreneurs can keep their mobile devices running longer and more efficiently.

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Apple set to Announce iPad 3 in Early March

According to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is set to announce the next-generation iPad at an event in March.

Sources close to the company said that while Apple is not planning to hold an event in February, it will in March. Expected at the event is the long awaited arrival of the iPad 3. That is, according to AllThingsD.

It appears to be in line with recent reports that manufacturers were building and increasing production of the device in its factories in China.

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