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Annual Rate Increase Notice (You’ll Like This)


Annual Rate Increase Notice

Dear Valued Client,

2014 was a GREAT year for Clever Tech Solutions (Computer Troubleshooters of Anderson).  Thanks to wonderful clients like you:

  • Our business grew by 22%
  • We won the “Small Business Of The Year” Award from the Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Scott Smith was recognized by the Independent Mail as a “20 under 40” business leader
  • Chip Reaves was recognized as one of the top 250 most influential people in our industry with a MSP250 award

We take our role as your “IT Department” very seriously so in 2014 we invested $15,134 in new tools and equipment, including:

  • A new & improved online backup service
  • Better website & remote support tools
  • A new service tracking system
  • Better virus cleaning & prevention tools

We also hired a full-time customer service manager (Nick Nelson) to oversee our scheduling & customer communication.  With Nick’s help we decreased the average turnaround time for our service center and the average on-site & remote response time for our business clients.

We also did some research into our competition, and compiled our findings into the chart at the bottom of this post.

As you can see, our value is by far the best in every category.

As you might expect our costs have risen since last year as well, with slightly higher rent & payroll.

With increased costs and with our rates being well below much of our competition, we have to consider raising our rates for service and for our popular Silver & Gold service plans.

We considered it – and we aren’t going to do it.  All rates will stay exactly the same.

The fact is that you and the rest of our wonderful clients keep referring us new business, and the new tools and technologies we’ve invested in help us to work faster & smarter, heading off many “big” problems that would otherwise be time consuming for us (and expensive for you).

With more customers & better tools, we can afford to continue providing premium IT support at affordable rates.

So for 2015 we commit to continuing to invest in technologies and tools that will allow us to serve you even better.

And, in lieu of a rate increase, we would appreciate it if you would refer us to just one more friend or business associate who might benefit from our services.

As always we sincerely appreciate your business, and if there is any way we can serve you better in 2015 just let us know.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Chip Reaves & Scott Smith
Owners, CT-Anderson (Clever Tech Solutions)


How We Compare To Our Competition


In-Shop Labor Rates

Typical Turnaround

Includes data backup?


Onsite Rates

Clever Tech Solutions (Us)

$89 flat

1-8 days


90 days “no excuses”

$90/hr + $20 callout

“Big Electronics Store”


7-10 days

$69 extra


$99-$299 per problem

“Big Office Supply”


1-28 days

$69 extra

$69 for 90-day warranty

per problem

Local IT guy


3-30 days


15 day


Local IT firm


3-20 days


30 day


Information compiled via phone calls in November, 2014

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